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College Football Metrics: A Moneyball approach to the NFL Draft; finding draft sleepers for both the professional scout, as well as the dynasty and keeper league players.  Our research covers all player positions, including IDP.


2014 Big Wide Receivers Rankings and Reports In Publish Order:



2013 Big Wide Receivers In Alphabetical Order:


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A Re-do of the 2012 Dynasty League Rookie Mock Draft. Top-50 with commentary, and a bonus 15!

This ranking is not so much who is the best football player, as much as it is the player's talent evaluated with the team/situation that they are playing in...mixed with FF-scoring ability. It's hard to rank a great CB, because teams will stay completely away from them and thus rob them of FF-scoring opportunity for passes defended, INTs, etc. You may "like" a player more than where he is ranked for us, and we may feel the same, but we may not interpret the depth chart/situation as favorably for that player (as we know it today). I try to note that where it is logical.

We also consider a long-term value along with short term value. Example -- I am not a huge Chris Givens/STL fan, but I understand he is pushing into a starter's role and has a better chance at PT and FF-scoring in 2013 than Rishard Matthews (who we like a lot more as a talent). We rate Givens higher today, but more because he would have a value to use or sell off for something...whereas Matthews has no current value and is viewed as a long-shot "investment." Sometimes we dismiss the current usefulness/value because we think trouble is lurking -- Ryan Tannehill, Darryl Richardson or Josh Gordon as examples.

This list is arguable, debatable, and art...all in the eye of the beholder.

With the clarity of the information from the 2012 season, here is how we see it today.  Follow link to read the report.

We will be adding prospect reports, rankings, and lists as we compile them. A key part of our scouting algorithms is evaluating data from the NFL Combine and individual Pro-Day workouts, and the QB evaluations are the first scouting reports/articles that we release throughout January

The rest of the position players start to pile in after the NFL Combine. We will add player scouting reports all the way up/into April (all the major prospects will be completed well in advance of Draft Day).

After the NFL Draft, we will then analyze and grade each team's draft on a unique statistical / historical well as immediately compiling our own draft rankings for those in Dynasty League Rookie Drafts (based on the team/depth chart situation the players were just drafted into).