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NFL Draft 2014 Scouting Report: QB Tom Savage, Pittsburgh


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NFL Draft 2014: Statistical Analysis of QB Tom Savage, Pittsburgh

Well, let’s play this card now. When we do so, please note that no major (public) scouting service of note has anywhere this high of a rating on Pitt QB Tom Savage today. In fact, I think there was legislation written in Congress that Savage must be ranked between #15-17 in this 2014 QB class. The same people who claim that there is “no science to this” somehow all have the same exact ranking range on Savage…coincidence? We feel, at this stage of the evaluation period, that Tom Savage is a top-5 QB prospect in this draft class. He makes a strong case as a top-3. I could see the world looking back in time and saying Savage was the best QB from this class. Sound crazy, perhaps it is? Those in the media that will now start claiming Savage as their “sleeper”–please give us some credit over here! You want 2,500+ words laying out a case for Tom Savage; you got it. See our full report at College Football

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