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NFL Combine Day 4 — Streaming Commentary


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I’m going to comment and report out the things that catch my attention from the times/drills and what the analysts are saying — doing so from 9am ET to whenever the news stops hitting from the day’s events (somewhere around 4pm-5pm ET). We’ll be up and commenting all day.


2:00pmET: It’s finally over. The Combine coverage has wrapped.

Now, I start studying the players in-depth with the knowledge of their measurables and scouting from the Combine. You’ll see a frenzy of scouting reports and positional ranking boards firing out over the next few days and weeks up until the NFL Draft, and then we’ll do more after the draft right up to the NFL preseason.

Dynasty Rookie Draft rankings, a look ahead before the draft will start soon –trying to figure out how we want to display that this year. We want to do more, earlier than ever before so we’re working the details out. Not just after the draft with our usual 15-20 versions…but how to show what we have before the draft, which is always tricky due to not knowing what team they will be on/how they will be used…but we’re going to rank/project as best we can. More on that in the next few days.

Thanks for following along the last few days. Get ready for the longer form scouting reports all week!

1:57pmET: There are so many potential starters and stars from the DB group, I don’t even know where to begin after Obi and Jabrill.

This draft is loaded at WR, TE, DB…you don;t have to think long and hard about why that might be. It’s pretty good at RB and QB too.

Where is it hurting? At OT, DL, LB.

The 7-on-7 leagues and drills from grade school up…they don’t benefit future offensive and defensive tackles. They aren’t welcome at that extra football work.

1:24pmET: Jabrill Peppers is nothing but muscle. Obi Meliwonfu and Jabrill Peppers are crazy built humans.

1:22pmET: Man, Tre’davious White is really, really smooth.

1:18pmET: Do you think all the non-Patriots NFL teams are smart enough to understand the economics of there being a bunch of really tall, really fast, really talented DBs in the draft…so teams should spend a billion dollars on all the guys in free agency?

Probably not.

There are so many good DBs, I think 5-7 year vets might be in a lot of trouble for roster spots/starting jobs.

1:05pmET: Winning the individual drills in Group 2…

Fabian Moreau, Tre’Davious White, Marcus Williams…and anything Obi does.


12:33pmET: A lot of buzz from my source in Indy on two DBs the football people are talking about/trying to get more info on quickly: NC State’s Josh Jones and Colorado’s James Witherspoon

12:16pmET: Are you kidding me? Obi Melifonwu runs a 4.40u the second time, improving from 4.46. TOP 10 PICK

12:05pmET: Two DBs I’m interested in…

LSU’s Tre’Davious White = 4.47u

Utah’s Marcus Williams = 4.57u

12:01pmET: Florida CB Teez Tabor picked a bad time to be slow…4.63u. So many great times among the DBs, Tabor will drop like a stone.

11:54amET: Wisconsin DB Jalen Myrick just posted a 4.29u at 200 pounds.

11:53amET: UCLA CB Fabian Moreau just popped a 4.35 40-time…he’s been terrific in the 40/broad/vertical, but Melinfonwu is the guy right before him…and stealing the spotlight.

11:50amET: UConn’s Obi Melifonwu 4.46u 40-time…he’s working his way into the top 10-20 now.

11:47amET: Marshon Lattimore runs a 4.36u to lock in his 1st-round status.

11:45amET: 6’3″/200 CB Kevin King running a 4.44u is terrific. Such athleticism and size among the DBs this year.

11:40pmET: In talking with ‘boots on the ground’, the buzz is growing for Obi Melifonwu about to run a 40-time…it’s overshadowing anything from Group-1 of DBs. Melinwonfu and Peppers are the talk of what’s about to happen…so much so there is little talk of Group-1. Some Jamal Adams disappointment talk.

11:21amET: Obi Melifonwu looks like he was created by God to play in the NFL. The analysts should be going bananas over him, but they’ll likely focus on Jabrill Peppers and Marshon Lattimore (Ohio State). Melinwonfu is the best DB here whether they acknowledge it or not.

11:15amET: Man, do I love watching Marlon Humphrey going through the catching gauntlet…why DBs go through it? I’m not sure, but that goes with most of the individual drills.

Josh Jones has looked really good as well.

Sidney Jones has looked like the football is a foreign object. I have no idea why people have him as a #1 DB.

10:55amET: Obi Melifonwu just raced into the top 15-20 overall with a 44″ vertical, and 11’9″ (2nd best ever at Combine). I’ve been in love for a while, but I didn’t realize we are talking about him being this amazing. He’s basically becoming another Byron Jones. He runs a 4.4 40-time…he’s top 10-15 and Jamal Adams is in some trouble to be passed by Obi and Jabrill.

10:22amET: I overlooked Brian Allen/Utah…a WR turned CB…he’s 6’3/215 and ran a 4.43/4.38 40-time. I’m not sure the analysts have even spent 5 seconds on him. He looks very natural in the individual drills taking place now…bringing WR gifts to CB.

10:05amET: I’ve got a long time to wait to see my guy Obi Melifonwu go in Group-2. He runs in the 4.4s and there needs to be a conversation about him in the top 10-15 overall.

He runs 4.4’s and Obi, Josh Jones, Peppers, Adams could all be top 15-25. Malik Hooker should be dropping due to his injury issues. People with Hooker at #2-3-4-5 overall are kidding themselves.

9:52amET: Nothing shocking is happening with the DB-1 group that I can see.

I liked Josh Jones going into this, and our Xavier Cromartie is high on him as well. The 4.41 at 6’1.3″/220 is the big ‘wow’ for me here.

9:43amET: Best times so far from DB Group-1

4.39 = Shaquill Griffin, C Fla

4.39 = Adoree Jackson, USC

4.41 = Josh Jones, NC State

4.41 = Marlon Humphrey, Alabama

9:37amET: NC State’s Josh Jones just jumped into the 1st round potentially — 4.41 40-time at 220 pounds.

9:33amET: St. Francis (PA) Lorenzo Jerome runs a 4.73, and that is a huge hit to his draft stock. This is why it is so hard to judge D2/FCS players from tape alone because Jerome toyed with opponents on tape, but now runs a 40-time that will get him lost on an NFL roster.

9:31amET: USC Adoree Jackson 4.39u

9:28amET: CB Marlon Humphrey runs a 4.41u…I’d argue the best CB I’ve seen this year.

9:24amET: I love Mike Mayock’s impassioned, no-debate manner in which he’s so pleased that Philly has their future franchise QB in Carson Wentz. I would argue Philly is in big trouble with a dud/bust on their hands…and Mayock is to blame as much as anyone for pushing Wentz.

You want to believe ‘he knows what he’s doing‘ about Mayock…he would have given/did give you the same speech on Blake Bortles…and Blaine Gabbert…and I could keep going…

9:23amET: CB Rasual Douglas, West Va runs a disappointing 4.60. He’s going to fall in the draft…possible move to safety?

9:22amET: I can never get enough cutaways to Bruce Arians and Steve Keim sitting there staring at the proceedings, not taking any notes (that we ever see).

9:20amET: Gareon Conley 4.45u. I like Conley.

9:13amET: Jamal Adams 1st 40-time is 4.56u, which is not bad at 210+ pounds. AND it opens the door for Jabrill Peppers to be the first safety and top 5 overall off the board.

8:45amET: Things that happened after the TV coverage ended…

Best three-cones for the DLs: 6.91 Pita Taumoepenu, Utah, 6.94 Derek Rivers, Y-State, 6.95 Solomon Thomas, Stanford, 6.96 Derek Barnett, Tenn.

Best three cones for the LBs: 6.75 Tyus Bowser, Houston, 6.79 T.J. Watt, Wisc., 6.80 Ellis Brooks, Arkansas, 6.88 Anzalone, Florida,

8:34amET: Looking back on yesterday…it really is remarkable how Myles Garrett has been group-thinked into the #1 overall spot. Take away vertical leap, and Garrett did nothing athletically more than any of the other top guys did. Trey Hendrickson can argue he’s as athletic based on the Combine numbers. Jordan Willis literally set himself on fire with an amazing Combine…and all the TV coverage could do was rush back to Myles Garrett comparisons and anecdotes. You wonder why I point that out, it’s just not to be a jerk — they are literally talking themselves into something that doesn’t really exist.

It’s ‘Shallow Hal’ scouting. If you saw that movie, you know…Jack Black is hypnotized into NOT seeing people for their physical looks/size but what’s ‘on the inside’. What ever the persons heart is — then Black sees them as very ugly or very pretty through his own eyes. He falls in love with a 500+ pound woman, but all he sees is Gwyenth Paltrow. Everyone else (who are not hypnotized) thinks he’s crazy, including his 500+ pound girlfriend. However, he’s the happiest he’s ever been…living in this alternative reality. A trick of the mind. NFL analysts do this all the time…and then 90%+ of the NFL scouts and teams follow. They decide who a player is and they never waver…they just fit the data to their profile. ‘Fake (scouting) news’.

Myles Garrett has a lot of scouting holes to discuss. I don’t dispute you can discuss him at the #1 spot, but he would not be my #1 if I were running Cleveland. More on that when I do his scouting report.

Speaking of Garrett…he skipped all the agility drills, because ‘of course he did’.

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