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Kyle Sloter Was Supposed To Be The Draft’s Final Pick…



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I don’t like anything about the “Mr. Irrelevant” thing. No draft pick or undrafted free agent is irrelevant or should even be joked about as such. The league is being changed/run by lower draft picks and UDFAs as much as the ‘high pick’ guys — which further shows the faultiness of the entire football scouting system, structure, and hierarchy. Tom Brady tweeted out during the 2017 NFL Draft that in the final huddle of the game winning play of the Super Bowl there was pick #199 (him), pick #232 (Edelman) and five UDFAs.

Over half of the Super Bowl winning huddle was 6th+ round picks or undrafted. So, enjoy the same people constantly wrong about scouting and valuing every prospect now giving out all those ‘B’ and ‘C’ grades on every team’s draft today…

Many of you were in on Kyle Sloter’s story by the series of stories we did on him weeks ago. Well, there’s one more twist in the story to add to the pile. Only Sloter has stuff like this happen to him — he has the brass ring within his fingertips, and then someone pulls it away.

He was supposed to be the Broncos 7th-round pick. And, well… Read on (link below).

Also, note — Kyle Sloter is the most talented QB on the Broncos roster today. Give him a year to learn, and then watch out. The thing about Sloter and brass rings — he grabs them eventually. Just not like a normal person…


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