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Kyle Sloter Interview With Nick Martin



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When I was conducting research on Kyle Sloter, preparing for my interview several weeks ago, the only person I came across that was even uttering/tryping the words ‘Kyle Sloter‘ was writer Nick Martin of SB Nation’s Pittsburgh Steelers Website ‘Behind The Steel Curtain’.

Nick had put together a Steelers seven-round mock draft, and had Sloter going in the 7th-round way before anyone even thought of Sloter as an actual draftable asset. He’s been an advocate for Sloter for months.

When I was finished my interview and in-depth article on Kyle Sloter, I noted to give Nick a head’s up on it. I contacted Nick over the weekend, and little did I know the same time I was going to publish my interview, he was working on the same and was going to release his the same day. It’s like we just found out we wore the same dress to the same party.

There’s room for all kinds of input when it comes to draft scouting, especially when it’s great independent thought — and that’s what Nick Martin delivers here. We share a common bond of disbelief Sloter had been looked over by football analysts January-today, and we also share a belief that Sloter is one of the top 3-5 QB prospects in this draft class. A party of two…inviting more of you to come to our party.

I’m linking Nick’s story on CFM because it is more valuable insight on Sloter, and it is really well done.

Here’s his interview and tape analysis with Kyle Sloter (link): BTSC Article by Nick Martin on Kyle Sloter


— R.C. Fischer


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