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Follow Up With Kyle Sloter — The 2017 NFL Draft’s ‘It’ Sleeper



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A lot has happened since we published our in-depth interview and scouting reports on Northern Colorado QB prospect Kyle Sloter just two weeks ago.

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I’ve received a ton of feedback from our interview with Kyle, so I wanted to follow up with him since it appears the NFL’s interest in him has risen dramatically. He was nice enough to give me some of his time to ask him a few follow-up questions on the whirlwind that has been the last few weeks.

I can tell that Kyle Sloter’s draft stock is rising rapidly. From my sources, there are now war rooms that have him as high as a fourth- or fifth-round grade on him – and Kyle confirmed he’s hearing the same from some of the teams that are staying in constant communication with him. We’re also starting to see movement with Sloter on specialized NFL Draft websites – pushing into their top 20 QB prospect rankings, and for a few scouting services he’s sneaking into the top 10 among QB prospects. In addition, we’re starting to see more and more fans on team message boards dropping references to Sloter as one of the most desired ‘sleeper’ picks they want their team to make. Sloter is one of the ‘it’ sleepers of this 2017 NFL Draft.

According to Sloter, 20 NFL teams’ representatives (coaches, GMs, coordinators, and/or scouts) have been in some level of communication with him or his management team the past few weeks. The 20 teams include all 12 teams that had representatives at his Pro Day.

Of the 20 teams that are in communications with him, there are five teams that to Sloter seem to be the most aggressive in their pursuit with consistent communications. When I asked Sloter why these five teams stood out, he based it on the fact that these organizations were the ones most probing him on personal items as well as playbook matters, and they are requesting updated medical records, etc. – and those teams are (in no particular order) Washington, Green Bay, Cincinnati, Buffalo, and Atlanta.

The Atlanta Falcons had Sloter in for a visit to their team facility, and I asked him how it went/what happens on these visits. He shared with me that he was blown away by how terrific the facilities were and how much time they spent getting to know him. There were a lot of personal meetings and discussions during his stay with the Falcons, but he also had a chance to re-test some of his workout numbers and throw the ball as their coaches and scouts looked on. Kyle told me he thought he threw the ball well and was on target all day on his Falcons visit. He also was honored to speak to the Falcons’ new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian.

One team in particular (that shall remain anonymous) requested that Sloter re-do his pre-Draft workout on video because (speculation) they don’t seem logical/are hard to believe. Sloter is nearly 6′5″ and has run 40-times in the 4.5s/4.6s with a sub-7.0 three cone. However, because of a weather issue, he was timed running indoors on a basketball court in borrowed sneakers for his Pro Day. He’s since proven Pro Day skepticism of his numbers wrong by running consistently in the 4.5s/4.6s for his 40-time…similar to/better than Deshaun Watson’s 40-times (as an example).

Because Kyle had run fast speed and agility times weighing 212 pounds, a little slender for his height (in QB terms), various team representatives asked him to add weight to get to 220+ pounds and go re-test his speed. Sloter added 13 pounds to jump up to 225 pounds – and he still ran in the 4.6s. Teams want him playing at 220+ pounds – a 6′5″/220+ quarterback who can run in the 4.6s is rare…especially for a pro-style quarterback.

Eight months ago, Kyle Sloter had never played a meaningful in-game snap at quarterback in college. Now, he’s bombarded by calls from NFL teams all day and had the chance to work out in front of the staff for the nearly-defending Super Bowl champions – and is now being projected as a top 150 pick in certain circles. It’s surreal.

Speaking of eight months ago…Kyle Sloter was the backup quarterback and part-time wide receiver for Northern Colorado at the beginning of August 2016, and about to enter his final college season. In the team’s opener, a tune-up game versus Rocky Mountain, Sloter played quarterback in college for the first time, in relief during a blowout win…and he went 0-for-3 passing with an interception. An inauspicious start to his college quarterbacking journey to say the least. Just last week, Sloter was voted Northern Colorado’s 2016 Male Athlete of the Year. You simply must read our story of what happened in those eight months.

Up next for the incredible story of Kyle Sloter is the actual NFL Draft. Eight months ago, the thought of Sloter being considered for the NFL Draft would have been laughed at. After his award-winning 2016 season, he was still projected as an undrafted free agent prospect in January-February 2017. A month ago, it looked like he had a 50-50 shot at sneaking into the seventh round of the draft. In the past two weeks, it not only appears Sloter will be drafted, but he may go in the top 150.


R.C. Fischer has been an independent football scout for over eight years, and is the head scout and writer for the NFL Draft prospect scouting subscription website College Football



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