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Sterling Shepard, Jerell Adams OTA Notes…

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A few observations and updates on Sterling Shepard, Jerell Adams, Matt LaCosse, and Geremy Davis among others…

Link: article on NYG OTAs — Sterling Shepard, Jerell Adams


**Our ever-evolving, updating throughout the preseason Fantasy Football Draft Guide is projected to be available around June 7-10th. We’ll keep you posted on the ‘drop date’ on Fantasy Football 




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Akeem Hunt, Purdue RB: 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report (Abbrev.)

  *My scouting report on Akeem Hunt was originally published (publicly) on Pro Football Spot on April 15, 2015. Hunt is an undrafted free agent signee by the NY Giants, and I wanted to make this data more accessible for CFM subscribers, so we’re posting it here and adding it to the player index list. Here’s the original report below […].. Continue reading→


Corey Washington, NY Giants (Newberry WR prospect)

Twitter @CFBMetrics Newberry WR prospect, now NY Giants undrafted free agent hopeful, Corey Washington made a nice adjustment catch for a 73-yard TD off a Ryan Nassib bomb, and kinda grabbed a mini-spotlight this week. Corey Washington has NFL physical measurables to work with, and he was very productive last season (albeit at a very small school). There is […].. Continue reading→


2014 Undrafted Free Agent (UDFA) Commentary: New York Giants

The Giants had a decent draft (despite the semi-head scratcher with Odell Beckham Jr.), and have followed that up with a nice couple of grabs among the undrafted free agents. Their prize UDFA haul so far is Kelcy Quarles, South Carolina DT. We thought Quarles was a top-120 prospect for the 2014 NFL Draft, but […].. Continue reading→


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