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I Tried To Warn You On Eric Ebron…

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I try not to get too worked up, pro or con, by anything I read from OTA camp observations from beat writers. Their batting average on correctly seeing something that then plays out as predicted in the regular season is not a good number. 

However, when I read this series of notes (link attached below), I was struck because (a) I am hearing it from multiple sources (yes, I have sources), and (b) It falls in line with what our computer models foretold many months ago. Enjoy your ‘next Jimmy Graham’ or ‘next Vernon Davis’ or whatever bag of beads you are being sold. Bullet #3 is what you should be looking at.

My new ‘catchphrase': “Not every TE that stands up occasionally is the next Jimmy Graham.” It’s lengthy, but…

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Observations from minicamp and offseason

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – The Detroit Lions offseason officially began around 1 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, when Jim Caldwell finished his final media
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