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A Side of Cardale Jones Not Often Mentioned…


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I get the feeling that football analysts have all decided what story they want to run with on Cardale Jones — he’s kinda dumb, 2014-lucky, and not a very good quarterback. Typically, OTA story blurbs about rookies paint them as majestic beasts created by Greek gods. For some reason, Jones is getting the opposite treatment. All I see are nonsense stories…how he is throwing behind people all the time in camp. How he couldn’t throw into the wind well in one practice. A quip about him running into a fullback on a play. Rare, is a positive story…more so a bunch of little jabs.

The football echo-chamber has their marching orders.

I think because football mainstream worships at the altar of Ohio State and Alabama (for now they do. It used to be USC, Texas, LSU, Oregon, FSU…they blindly go wherever the best records/stories in CFB are. It will be Michigan soon), they blame Cardale for a 2015 letdown to the holy football institution (OSU) that housed earth’s football messiah, Ezekiel Elliott…and lesser messiah Joey Bosa (whose god-like power is not getting to the QB against good/worthy opponents). How dare Cardale Jones make Elliott and Bosa, and Urban Meyer look bad. Forgotten, was how Jones carried their asses, single-handedly to a national title. You can’t give all the credit to Elliott and Meyer, if Cardale is great — so we must bring Jones down some, so Elliott and Meyer are elevated.

You think I’m kidding.

It’s not an evil, coordinated plan…it’s super-emotional, unstudied, overpaid analysts doing math they are told to do — they are supposed to love Elliott and Meyer, so who is to blame for the down 2015 at Ohio State — Cardale Jones. This cloud follows Jones to the NFL…he must not succeed ahead of Elliott and Bosa there, or it exposes the lie the mainstream lives with. He can’t be good. It’s not possible, because ‘they’ are convinced Jones is a one-time/lightning strike byproduct of Urban Meyer’s sheer coaching greatness…when it wasn’t at all. It was Jones who created magic. It doesn’t matter. The story is written — Meyer is the genius in 2014-15. Jones is the goat in 2015 that ruined Meyer’s back-to-back title chances.

If you have interest in Cardale Jones, as a fan and/or for Dynasty Rookie Drafts, I hope you read all the detail of this article, but especially watch the video of Jones answering questions. Football people are trying to shade Jones as dumb…he’s not. Not at all. This article mentions positive things about Jones in OTAs, things not seen anywhere else — not just opinion, but player talk too.



Link: NewYorkUpstate: Jim Kelly working with Cardale Jones



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