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College Football Metrics 2018 *Opening Day Update*


CFM is projecting a 1/16 (TUE) or 1/17 (WED) opening day right now. The website layout is being updated from past years and we’re still testing all the connections on the reports from 2012-2017 archived. Next week we’ll start updating everyday until we launch.‍

What have planned for opening day/when you arrive at CFM 2018 next week…

— Four QB scouting reports…(alpha) Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Mason Rudolph, Sam Darnold…soon to be followed by Josh Allen and a wild card, a little off the grid QB prospect.

— The start/the top 10 players in our daily series in January 2018 — ‘The Dynasty Rookie Draft Re-Do’ using only draft prospects from 2015-2016-2017. We’ll add 1-2 names each day with our commentary.

— Early next week we’ll start looking at East-West Shrine Bowl prospects, and dabble in the NFLPA (which is falling down the scale on importance of late)…and then a full Senior Bowl week coverage the following week.



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CFM Opening Day 2018 Update

  Still working on the opening day launch. Wrapping up some website changes, etc. Trying to get everything ready to go ahead of the East-West Shrine and NFLPA practice week coverage. We’ll update when we have a firm ‘Opening Day’, but it won’t be too much longer. You may be stunned by the QB scouting […].. Continue reading→


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