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Oh, the Madness…

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Well, it’s that time of year again. It kind of snuck up on me—it’s March Madness time.

I have recently discovered that it is a federal law; little-known legislation that every website of any kind must come up with a half-baked ‘tournament’ of something. Some ‘March Madness’ things tackle something serious, while others battle favorite breakfast cereals. Honestly, is there anything better than a fictitious tournament to argue about anything? Why do we only do this in March? I am supporting the Presidential candidate that requires more silly, hypothetical tournaments to be displayed and commented on by the people. 

With that in mind, and to keep in good standing with the federal government…alas, I have my own fake tournament with a twist coming out this week.

I am taking the 2014 NFL Draft, the 1st-round, and seeding them 1-32, and having a tournament of which players I would pick using today’s information…all the way until we have a last man standing. Looking over some of the names–it won’t be easy. This is one of the best drafts I can recall–as far as true impact players go.

In addition, and more importantly why I am doing this–I will be looking at the matchups to see how our College Football Metrics guidance stood up against the NFL…where did we radically disagree on a player, and who was right. Was it 50-50, or did one of us claim a resounding victory after all the votes are counted? As well, just grading ourselves—was our scouting more on target or not, as best we can tell, two years later.

Each day, we will look at one matchup, and pick a winner with some commentary and a running record versus the establishment. Let’s see how we do with two years of history as a guide. A fun little diversion, light snack each day for the next few weeks on top of all the other stuff we’ll be looking at.

More details to come with the brackets, and ‘games’ starting Wednesday 3/16/2016. The brackets and commentary, etc. will post daily at Fantasy Football



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