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2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Rankings (+IDP), Post-NFL Draft (This Week)

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Well, I framed up the names for the first version of the dynasty rookie draft rankings version 1.0 (of 15-20 version this offseason). I got a lot to say, apparently. The NFL Draft warranted a lot of explanation for fantasy/dynasty. This may be the strangest NFL Draft impact on the dynasty rookie draft I’ve ever seen.

How much explanation? My first first ten names of commentary — 3,000+ words. A thousand or so on the 1.01 pick. You’ll see why…


It looks like the top 10, maybe 15-20 weill be released with commentary on Monday 5/01/2017 (midday). The top 50 will be finished and posted Tuesday 05/02/17 and the the rest of the top 200 done by Wednesday. And then we’ll update from there every week up to kickoff.

I was hoping to have the top 50 done by Monday, but I am (a) writing so much about players and strategy — that it’s turning into a novel, and (b) not all the key UDFA’s have landed/signed deals yet.

Keep your eye out for the different stages posting Monday-Wednesday.

Also, note — we’ll be adding more 2017 scouting reports (lesser-name prospects) in the offseason, and as usual we’ll add some of the key 2018 previews like Sam Darnold, et al. starting in June 2017.

Stay Tuned!! We’ve only just begun!!!


2017 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft Rankings (After Draft Day-Two) *Top 30+

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2017 NFL Draft Streaming Commentary (Day Three-Rounds 4-7)

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Draft Streaming Commentary Chat Changes for Day-Two…


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Draft Streaming Commentary Chat Changes for Day-Two…


We tried something different with our format for the draft commentary last night. Some things I liked, some things I need to change.

A couple of thoughts and changes on it for tonight…

— I will give a more detailed analysis of the pick after each pick.

Last night, I got caught up in the flow of the chat. I lost focus on getting detailed with the pick itself on some players.

Everything moves so fast during the draft – the clock ticks quick… I’m listening to the TV. I’m reading the group ideas. I’m typing as fast as I can. It all moves very fast, but I am going to make sure I provide more analysis on each pick after the pick…even if I run behind a little bit. So, you’ll see that change tonight. Less one sentence thoughts, more multi-sentence analysis of the pick (NFL and fantasy) and how the team is doing (now that they will have multiple picks stacking up).


— There is no perfect way to show the chat order of events.

If we have the latest comment always on top and keep stacking…the context of what you see first is lost by the set-up underneath. You’ll have to go down to where you last left off and then back up.

If we have the latest comment always on the bottom…after a while, you’ll have to scroll a mile to see the latest.

We’re trying to take the snapshots/snippets on a topic and show it in a chronological/proper reading order. A quick hit from the discussion and then move on to the next hit/section.

Without cutting edge technology this is the best display option we have. I think it works like reading pages/sections of a weird book/magazine. I hope so anyway.


We’ll deploy the tweaks tonight and see if it makes more sense. Starting up around 6pm ET tonight with the draft itself kicking off at 7pm ET.


2017 NFL Draft Streaming Commentary (Day Two-Round 3)

To get the latest comments posted hit the REFRESH or RELOAD of your webpage.

Forgive any typos, grammar, etc. We are pasting the post transcripts as fast as we get them…



107) TB selects…Kendell Beckwith, LSU — I wasn’t grabbed by his tape. SO-so athleticism. Not a starter but contributor.

106) SEA selects…Amara Darboh — size, athletic, problem catching the football.

105) PIT selects…James Conner — Nice human interest story that the Pitt RB goes to the Steelers. He was a big time back and then got cancer, and fought that. He came back not as effective…and his Combine was so-so. There’s hope here.

104) SF selects…C.J. Beathard — Is an NFL backup if there ever was one. Smart. Contained. Poor instincts.


  • 11:32 PM–Xavier…Trey is awesome
  • 11:33 PM–RC…Trey Hendrickson, FAU — He had a Myles Garrett rivaling NFL Combine, but doesn’t have ‘the look’. He has numbers…athleticism…lacks ‘the look’. A nice pick here. Saints having a good draft.
  • 11:33 PM–Xavier…I would take Trey round 1
  • 11:33 PM–RC…I had him rated #42
  • 11:34 PM–Rabbitt…saints are 70/1 to superbowl
  • 11:34 PM–RC…Does anyone want a 6’6″ TE with Jimmy Graham measurables?
  • 11:34 PM–wolfe…Hendrickson or Willis-who is better?
  • 11:34 PM–RC…Willis for me
  • 11:34 PM–Xavier…Pretty even


  • 11:31 PM–RC…The Steelers will take Nate Peterman, right?
  • 11:31 PM–Xavier…Should go soon
  • 11:31 PM–wolfe…Why when they have Landry Jones:)


103) NO selects…Trey Hendrickson, FAU — He had a Myles Garrett rivaling NFL Combine, but doesn’t have ‘the look’. He has numbers…athleticism…lacks ‘the look’. A nice pick here. Saints having a good draft.

102) SEA selects…Nazir Jones, UNC — DT size, but below avg speed-agility. Backup at best.

101) DEN selects…Brendan Langley, Lamar — Has NFL athleticism, but more like a backup/low starter…however, I thought his tape was poor. He was a WR, so he’s learning.

100) TEN selects…Jonnu Smith — A poor man’s Delanie Walker…a very poor one. Good blocker and receiver, not as athletic as Delanie.


Player’s we’re watching for/Highly rated by us…

Desmond King

Bucky Hodges

Trey Hendrickson

Jeremy McNichols

Samaje Perine

Vincent Taylor


99) PHI selects…Rasul Douglas — Good tape. Great Senior Bowl week. Terrible Combine. Could be a safety.


98) ARI selects…Chad Williams — Excellent at the Senior Bowl, and then in the practices beat the shit out of another player for 30 seconds in a fight. He might crack the top dynasty rookie draft top 25 landing here.

Williams is an attitude problem for Father Arians to fix


97) MIA selects…Cord. Tankersley — The answer to the question…what Clemson DB is worse than MacKenzie Alexander, but gets drafted high because “Clemson’ (91 for Xavier)


96) DET selects…Kenny Golladay — Poor man’s Cameron Meredith, but dont get too excited because I’m not. He’s not as electric/exciting as Meredith…just a similar style. He’s a pro WR, not a star.


95) SEA selects…Delano Hill, Michigan — has the body./athleticism. Not in love otherwise.


94) PIT selects…Cameron Sutton, Tennessee

*FYI Xavier Cromartie has set a Huddle/Draft contest record 90 correct picks in the top 100 …with 6 picks left to go. 


93) GB selects…Montravius Adams — Interesting athlete, but didnt love his tape or production.


92) DAL selects…Jourdan Lewis, Michigan — Smaller, avg/good athlete, I didnt like his tape all that much. Off field mess potentially.


91) LAR selects…John Johnson, BC – A really nice athlete. He’s a nice pick there.


90) SEA selects…Shaq Griffin — nice athlete, and tough. He’s a nice pick.


89) HOU selects…D’Onta Foreman — Love the player. Lamar Miller era just ended…it should have never started. He’ll have a split role for fantasy so no move on Fournette. Plus Texans OL stinks.


88) OAK selects…Eddie Vanderdoes — Awful output, poor measurables, bad tape…amazing at the Senior Bowl. ACL injury 2 years ago.


Webb talk…

  • 10:45 PM–Jon…Just put Eli out to pasture immediately
  • 10:46 PM–Jon…Doesn’t McAdoo run a west coast offense?
  • 10:46 PM–Jon…That will suit Webb will it not?
  • 10:46 PM–RC…Kinda. Webb can work that. He was at Texas Tech prior to his year at Cal
  • 10:47 PM–RC…Webb was better at Tech-style than Mahomes
  • 10:47 PM–RC…But they went Mahomes when Webb got hurt
  • 10:48 PM–Xavier…After Trubisky/Mahomes, Webb has best chance to succeed
  • 10:48 PM–Jon…Giants are a D’Onta Foreman away from playing the Titans in the next 10 Superbowls (Starting next year)
  • 10:49 PM–RC…McAdoo v. Mularkey…classic



87) NYG selects…Davis Webb — a top 30 talent goes #87 to backup Eli. The heir apparent in 2020…and just died for fantasy. RIP Ryan Nassib.


86) KC selects…Kareem Hunt — I love Hunt as a runner, and this kills my Spencer Ware heart. A great backfield duo, but this kills Ware’s fantasy value some/half


85) NE selects…Antonio Garcia — Our scouting models didn’t love him, tape was OK, analysts really like him. I’m anti, but not strongly.


84) TB selects…Chris Godwin, Penn State

Chris Godwin — A first round WR, goes #84 great pick. Quincy Enunwa-like. Tampa’s group makes me like Jameis Winston almost.


83) NE selects….Derek Rivers, YTown State

Derek Rivers — Great athlete for a 3-4 OLB, but his tape was so-so. He could developed into something nice.


#82) DEN selects…Carols Henderson, La Tech

Carlos Henderson — good hands, not a great athlete but a good WR and nice return man. He doesnt excite me, but he’s solid.


  • 10:27 PM–Xavier…Trey Hendrickson would be a Belichick pick
  • 10:28 PM–RC…NE = Foreman in the ‘blount role’
  • 10:28 PM–Rabbitt…NE has 100 rbs
  • 10:28 PM–RC…So what’s one more
  • 10:28 PM–RC…Cut Lewis, move Burkhead to WR
  • 10:28 PM–Rabbitt…the death of this dynasty draft for all of us


#81) WAS selects…Fabian Moreau, UCLA

Fabian Moreau — Looks the part. Physical tools there. The tape left me lacking a bit. Worth picking but not high confidence.


80) IND selects…Tarell Basham, Ohio

Tarell Basham is the all ‘looks like a DE’ but does nothing guy.


79) NYJ selects…Ardarius Stewart, Alabama

Ardarius Stewart is a wasted pick. A forgettable WR besides ‘Alabama”. Skinny, off-field not great. No thanks.


78) BAL selects…Tim Williams

Tim Williams — I can’t keep all these off-field mess, underwhelming Alabama defensive guys. I should just copy and paste my comments for each.


77) CAR selects Daeshon Hall, Texas A&M

Daeshon Hall — Looks good on tape, but lower production and empty on tape too much, Kevid Dodd jr.


#76) NO selects Alex Anzalone

Alex Anzalone — Great linebacker prospect on tape, but often hurt…if not for that he’s a top 50 player at ILB or OLB.


#75) ATL selects…Duke Riley, LSU

I like Duke Riley until I watched his tape in detail. His first glimpse is great. The more I watched the more I didnt love him as much…but I didnt see Deion Jones either, so maybe he’s that for ATL.


#74) BAL selects…Chris Wormley

Chris Wormley is the true ‘poor man’s Aaron Donald’ hopeful from this draft. Incredible feet if you move him to 4-3 DT. Excellent feet. Good player. Solid DE…my hype is moving him to DT.


  • 10:04 PM–Rabbitt…Two questions on taylor
  • 10:05 PM–Jon…Titans going for the full set with a tight end at some point?
  • 10:05 PM–Rabbitt…#1 Does this mean I have to get on the Titans bandwagon? #2 Are there too many mouths to feed in that offense now?
  • 10:05 PM–RC…Rishard takes a hit for sure
  • 10:06 PM–Xavier…Taywan in the slot
  • 10:06 PM–RC…They may have the best WR trio in the NFL. The best RB duo. Top 5 Oline and a franchise QB.
  • 10:07 PM–RC…Taywan upside to OBJ…I’m not kidding…
  • 10:07 PM–Jon…So now we know which team subscribes to CFM
  • 10:07 PM–RC…If they draft Sloter, then you can start to speculate


#73) CIN selects…Jordan Willis, K State

Jordan Willis — One of my five best prospects for this draft…at #73…to Cincy. Could be better than Garrett as a pass rusher.


#72) TEN selects…Taywan Taylor, W Ky

Taywan Taylor — As a long suffering Titans fan for low these many days/hours, this is an incredible pick. Possibly the best WR in the draft…teamed with Corey Davis…teamed with Rishard Matthews. WINNER = Marcus Mariota.


#71) LAC selects…Dan Feeney, Indiana

Dan Feeney is acceptable. Raised up by a bad draft class. I dont know that there’s much left among OLs left after that pick.


Kupp & Elflein talk…

  • 09:54 PM–RC…Kupp past Ross I think for rookie drafts now for me
  • 09:55 PM–RC…I worried Kupp would land wrong
  • 09:55 PM–Wolfe…I agree-who outside of Davis would you rank ahead of Kupp in ppr?
  • 09:55 PM–RC…Taywan Taylor depending
  • 09:55 PM–Xavier…Elflein – terrible athlete
  • 09:55 PM–RC…Zay Jones maybe
  • 09:55 PM–RC…Curtis Samuel is a fade now too
  • 09:56 PM–Xavier…Run blocker though… that’s good to have from a center
  • 09:56 PM–RC…I thought Elflein was the worst big name OL I watched this year
  • 09:56 PM–Xavier…At least MIN got an OL
  • 09:57 PM–Rabbitt…Kupp is in a great spot. But I’m worried about OL for the rams. Really bad
  • 09:57 PM–Rabbitt…That makes for like 6 teams I think need a ton of offensive linemen though
  • 09:57 PM–Jon…Patriots pick coming up, Bill’s licking his lips at all the talent still on the board..
  • 09:58 PM–Xavier…Belichick scares me
  • 09:58 PM–RC…MIN bucking for worst draft…
  • 09:58 PM–Xavier…He’ll take a 6th-round guy
  • 09:58 PM–Rabbitt…Bill will take Willis and make RC stop caring about the rest of the NFL
  • 09:58 PM–RC…Already done…
  • 09:59 PM–Rabbitt…pats traded down


#70) MIN selects…Pat Elflein, OSU

I thought Elflein was the worst big name OL I watched this year. Very heavy footed.


#69) LAR selects…Cooper Kupp, E Wash

Cooper Kupp — Kupp + Goff under Sean McVay could be something. A LAR team that needs WRs gets a quality guy. Great spot for fantasy for Kupp. Stock up.


#68) JAC selects…Dawaune Smoot, Illinois

Dawaune Smoot — I dont get Smoot…solid athlete, underwhelming performance. Jordan Willis still out there.


Kamara talk…

  • 09:45 PM–Rabbitt…what the heck are the saints doing
  • 09:45 PM–Rabbitt…I’m so confused
  • 09:46 PM–Xavier…Kamara is meh
  • 09:46 PM–Jon…NOS have the highest PPR for backs in the league last 5 years
  • 09:46 PM–Rabbitt…I know RC hates Ingram, but he is fine. (not great but ok). Ap is there now as well. What point was there on him
  • 09:46 PM–Jon…That’s probably the logic
  • 09:46 PM–RC…Alvin Kamara — the Saints have three RBs that equal up to none. To me, this means Mark Ingram is going to be moved. These are messages to Ingram. Oh, and Kamara is a terrible runner. OK in the passing game…sucks as a runner between the tackles.
  • 09:47 PM–Wolfe…Gosh the saints are so stupid
  • 09:47 PM–RC…R.I.P. Daniel Lasco
  • 09:47 PM–Jon…They’re weeding out the bad eggs, cooks and ingram
  • 09:48 PM–Jon…nobody in NO should complain about their usage moving forward


#67) NO selects…Alvin Kamara, Tennessee

Alvin Kamara — the Saints have three RBs that equal up to none. To me, this means Mark Ingram is going to be moved. These are messages to Ingram. Oh, and Kamara is a terrible runner. OK in the passing game…sucks as a runner between the tackles.


  • 09:43 PM–Xavier…Big Witherspoon fan here
  • 09:44 PM–Xavier…Witherspoon is not that different from Gareon Conley


#66) SF selects…Ahkello Witherspoon, Colorado

Ahkello Witherspoon…the athleticism/measurables are there. But skinny and plays a little soft. Could develop. Not a horrible pick, but not my favorite.


  • 09:40 PM–Rabbitt…another DL for cleveland
  • 09:40 PM–Rabbitt…are they going to run a 6-2
  • 09:40 PM–Rabbitt…need to stop that veer option
  • 09:41 PM–Xavier…CLE needed an interior DL, Ogunjobi is a good one
  • 09:41 PM–Rabbitt…I assumed Nassib was going to jump inside


#65) CLE selects…Larry Ogunjobi, Charlotte

Larry Ogunjobi — For me, Wormley and Thomas project as possible elite DTs. Then the more true DT…Ogunjobi was my best. A nice, high effort plugger inside. Not a star just useful/good.



2017 NFL Draft Streaming Commentary (Day Two-Round 2)

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2017 NFL Draft Day One Review Commentary (BONUS)

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2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Rankings Update (After Day One)…


I am updating the board and the commentary, and will be posting a new top 30 with commentary midday Friday/today.

I can tell you this…one major move up and one major move down are in the offing after last night’s festivities A few changes among the top 5 overall as well.

*After each draft day, I will update the dynasty rookie draft rankings, and then early next week (MON-TUE) the Big Board…the top 100+ prospects (version 1.0) will be revealed.

See it all…soon.


2017 NFL Draft Streaming Commentary (Day One…Picks #12-32)

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2017 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft Rankings (FINAL pre-NFL Draft, plus IDP) *Top 30

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