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CFM 2016 Subscription Period Ending, 2017 Right Around the Corner

The timeline ahead for College Football Metrics 2016 into 2017…

Per usual, the 2016 subscriptions will end January 1st, 2017, as we start gearing up the site for the 2017 season.

Just to reiterate: All subscriptions run out at year’s end, no matter when you jumped into it in 2016. It’s a season to season event. When you sign up the following season, you have access to all the old reports (back to 2012) and all the new activity.

We project the 2017 CFM season will begin around 1/10/17 — a moving target of a date that we’ll update as we go. On kickoff day, there will be a the first few prospect scouting reports of the season there as well as the start of our popular ‘mash up’ of the past two years for a re-do/re-rank of the dynasty rookie draft prospects using what we know today.

The 2016 fantasy football season is winding down, and the 2017 NFL Draft and Dynasty Rookie Draft season is about to launch. We are planning some new twists in 2017. Stay tuned for announcements on the 2017 CFM game plan coming soon.


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