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NFL Draft 2014 Scouting Report: TE C.J. Fiedorowicz, Iowa

NFL Draft 2014: Statistical Analysis of TE  C.J. Fiedorowicz, Iowa 

For about everyone in the NFL Draft universe, C.J. Fiedorowicz is slotted as the 5th ranked prospect in the 2014 TE draft class. Somehow, with all the diverse mindsets among humans, Fiedorowicz is ‘magically’ the #5 ranked TE for almost every single draft analyst (seriously, I just checked 10 random TE draft rankings, and C.J. is ranked #5 in nine out of 10 listings…#6 in the other). I can reveal that C.J. Fiedorowicz is not our #5 ranked TE prospect. Our ratings are quite a bit different on C.J. as far as what round we think he’ll be drafted, and how we see his talents. For the true answer on the draft value of Iowa TE prospect C.J. Fiedorowicz, read our 1,500+ word scouting report by clicking the following link:

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NFL Draft 2014 Scouting Report: TE Eric Ebron, UNC

NFL Draft 2014: Statistical Analysis of TE Eric Ebron, UNC 

All I will say is this: You will not see an Eric Ebron scouting report like this one anywhere. Not to be self-aggrandizing, but I think this our best research and analysis of 2014 to date. This is going to be eye-opening…it was for me. Some of you need to make sure you have your paper bag handy in preparation to hyperventilate. To find out what I mean, read our 1,700+ word scouting report on UNC Tight End prospect Eric Ebron by clicking the following link:


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NFL Draft 2014 Scouting Report: CB Darqueze Dennard, Michigan St.

NFL Draft 2014: Statistical Analysis of CB Darqueze Dennard, Michigan St. 

Darqueze Dennard has become the de facto top CB prospect across the draft analyst masses. He wasn’t initially, but then one person pushed over a domino in February, and ‘magically’ most everyone now has the same opinion. We have a very divergent opinion; our computer analysis tells a different tale. Read our 1,500+ word scouting report on Michigan State CB Darqueze Dennard by clicking the following link:


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NFL Draft 2014 Scouting Report: CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State

NFL Draft 2014: Statistical Analysis of CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State 

Justin Gilbert is the darling of the CB class for those who love a size-speed combo at CB (and who doesn’t?). He’s a 6’0″+, 200+ pound CB prospect that can run a sub 4.4 40-time. The list of media accolades for Gilbert is long and repetitive. We try to take a different approach here, and try to harp on some of the negatives as well. There are some questions to be raised concerning Justin Gilbert’s assumed top-15 overall status. Read our 1,600+ scouting report of Oklahoma State CB Justin Gilbert by clicking the following link:


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NFL Draft 2014 Scouting Report: CB Bradley Roby, Ohio State

NFL Draft 2014: Statistical Analysis of CB Bradley Roby, Ohio State 

Going into the 2013 college season, Bradley Roby was probably the consensus top CB prospect for the 2014 NFL Draft. Roby had a couple of events that derailed his top dog status in 2013, and now can be found outside the mainstream’s top-5 rated CBs on occasion. What happened to Roby in 2013? Is he undervalued for the 2014 NFL Draft? Read our 1,600+ word scouting analysis on Ohio State CB Bradley Roby by clicking the following link:

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Iowa State (NY Jets) CB Jeremy Reeves Scouting Profile

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About this time every year, a free agent prospect on no one’s radar attends one of the Pro Days or Regional Combines and runs a reported sub 4.3 40-time. Predictably, the Rocky or Rudy music is cued up, and the hearts of the fans of the NFL team that nabs him swoons with hope for their new, heretofore undiscovered speed merchant prospect. 

Anyone remember Robert Gill from 2013? He ran a reported 4.19 40-time last summer, and had a viral video of him running 25 MPH on a treadmill…and he was 29-years old. His impressive athletic feats landed him a contract with the Arizona Cardinals…and later released before the season started.

2014’s first entry into the “out-of-nowhere” speedster-sweepstakes is Jeremy Reeves, Cornerback from Iowa State. Reeves just ran a reported 4.29 40-time at Iowa State’s Pro Day, and landed a contract with the NY Jets. There is a difference between Robert Gill, and many of the other forgotten fly-by-night speedster prospects, and Jeremy Reeves. The difference is that Reeves can actually play football…he’s not a track star hoax.

Reeves was a starting CB for Iowa State in 2011 (junior) and 2012 (senior). He saw time in 11 games as a freshman, and he was mostly a starter in 2010. He started 35 games in his 48 game career.

Reeves was not on the field just because he was super fast. Reeves was a ‘player’. He recorded 202 tackles in the last three seasons (66.0 tackles per season). On three separate occasions, Reeves had 10 tackles in a game. He had six or more tackles in a game in half of his final 24 games played. He’s a CB that will put his helmet on you.

Speed, of course, helps. As a sophomore, he had a 94-yard INT return TD in a game against Northern Iowa. He also returned an onside kick for a TD against Texas Tech. In his final college game, he had a 31-yard INT return TD in the Liberty Bowl. He finished his career 19th all-time in the Big-12 in passes defended (30).

OK, we have all these wonderful accolades…so why haven’t most people heard about Reeves before? Reeves was slated to perform at the Iowa State Pro Day on March 26, 2013, but he tore a pectoral muscle and had surgery on March 8, 2013. The injury forced him to sit out the pre-Draft workouts, and attending any NFL camps for tryouts. He fell off the NFL-grid.

Oh, there is one other problem: He’s only 5’6”+ tall.

If Reeves were 5’10”+, he might be a potential 1st-round draft pick level CB prospect. Please spare me Doug Flutie, Russell Wilson, or any “short player defies odds” story you can think of. Brent Grimes is a short CB, and is 2.5″+ inches taller than Reeves. The NFL is different today than a decade ago. The WRs are getting taller and thicker. Reeves’ height puts him at a serious disadvantage in the NFL as a Cornerback. However, that doesn’t mean he is NFL-dead money. He may be worth a look as a Safety or even as a WR.

Diminutive speedsters pop up every off-season, and they are often too slender or frail to handle playing defense at any position. Teams try to consider them at WR, but bigger, nearly as athletic WR prospects are flooding into the NFL. NFL teams have little value converting tiny speedsters to WR when they have giant speedsters, who go undrafted, they can try to develop. Eventually, these unknown, thin-framed speedsters get pigeon-holed as special team long-shots, and then eventually they disappear from the NFL landscape as quickly as they generated a headline buzz with their ‘super fast” foot speed times.

Reeves is a little different.

Reeves has already proven he is not just a frail speedster. He showed an ability to tackle at the Big-12 level, which is a proven skill set beyond what most of these type of “hot for a day” speedy guys have. Reeves is also incredibly athletic. At the Iowa State Pro Day, he posted a stupendous 43” vertical leap (which helps close some of the height gap) and stellar 11’6” Broad Jump. There is a little something extra with Jeremy Reeves.

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I am not proclaiming Reeves as an instant IDP and/or Dynasty Fantasy Football prospect to watch for 2014. It’s going to be an uphill battle, and most likely he is going to be a 5th DB type of defender at-best. However, he has a high-end kick return profile, but also has a minor Tavon Austin appeal as a couple of touch weapon on offense. Reeves is signing as a Cornerback (because that was his college position), but becoming a shock starting (undersized) Free Safety someday or converting to an offensive weapon isn’t off the table. I’m not putting a giant star next to his name, but he is a player to be aware of, and to watch what position(s) he is shifting to. 

College Football Metrics fans: Jeremy Reeves graded as a 4.83 for an NFL Cornerback prospect. He is hurt by his size, and the speed is great, but the agility is just ‘OK’ to good. 

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NFL Draft 2014 Scouting Reports: RB J.C. Copeland, LSU

NFL Draft 2014: Statistical Analysis of RB  J.C. Copeland, LSU 

J.C. Copeland is one of the most intriguing prospects in the 2014 NFL Draft, and I do not say that lightly. Copeland is a Fullback, pure and simple. While many teams are moving away from the FB in their offense, several still offenses employ one. Most draft analysts see Copeland as the atypical FB for the NFL Draft…a 5th+ round Mock Draft projection. I would argue, depending upon what team’s perspective you are considering, that J.C.Copeland should be rated as a 1st-round possibility (he will never be drafted that highly). You have to see this scouting report to believe it, and you also have to know this scouting report to evaluate the much more highly rated RB prospect, teammate Jeremy Hill. See why I am gushing about LSU FB prospect J.C. Copeland by reading our 1,700+ word scouting report by clicking this link:


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The Johnny Manziel Pro Day Review…

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Sadly, I was forced to watch the Johnny Manziel Pro Day TV show yesterday. If a former President is going to attend, the least I could do is watch all of his throws on YouTube later on in the day.

The response to the Pro Day activity was typical. It was a general fawning over how great Manziel looked, and how strong his arm was. It’s a shame we all do not have two years’ worth of game tape to watch, and judge him by prior to this Pro Day. Thank goodness we had this event to learn about his arm strength. Ron Jaworski moved Manziel up from a 4th-round projection to 3rd-round projection based on this workout.

Anyone changing a QBs draft stock based on Pro Day throwing should be decertified to talk about QBs.

Tangent: My favorite ‘Jaws’ moment of 2013 was when Nick Foles exploded onto the scene last season, ‘Jaws’ came on some ESPN morning show to admit that he’d been around the Eagles facility more than any other team (he is a former Philly QB himself), but he did not see this coming (Foles’ greatness) in all his time.

The runner-up ‘Jaws’ moment for me comes from 2012: In his top QBs in the NFL countdown show, Jaworski proclaimed Michael Vick (Philly QB) as a potential star for the upcoming season; an MVP-type candidate. Spoiler Alert: That did not happen. Vick was the Eagles starting QB at the time. Again, we must note, “Jaws” hangs around the Philly team often (so he says). He saw Vick up close, a lot, and got that prediction wrong too.

Perhaps, ‘Jaws’ should stop watching QBs so closely. It seems to be affecting his judgment…or just go all Bizarro-World, and just report the opposite of what his instincts are telling him. That being said…he loved Manziel’s Pro Day workout.

Here’s the thought process I would love to see at the next Pro Day that the QB experts comment on… 


What did I think of Manziel’s Pro Day?

I had a similar thought to Colin Cowherd in his opener on his Friday show. I have to give Manziel (and all of team Manziel) credit for scripting the moment, and performing well in a heavily attended workout…including former President and First Lady. Teddy Bridgewater struggled to some degree because of a lack of a glove.  Manziel had a controlled cirque du soleil going on around him, and did fine. There is something to be said for that.

As for actual football throws…I already know Manziel has a surprisingly strong arm. His throws were crisp at his Pro Day, as is every QBs seemingly. There were two things that stood out to me watching him throw against air:

1) He took many throws dropping straight back in the pocket. Occasionally, someone pushed a broom horizontally at him (to show a faux pass rush). I thought to myself, as this was occurring, “I wonder what would happen if they held that broom up vertically like a 6’5” DE or DT?” Manziel looks fine throwing the ball over the top of people hoding clipboards and towels, but will he really be throwing the ball from the pocket that often? What will happen when a 6’5”+ D-Linemen reaches up their giant arms, and the 6’0” Manziel has to throw through them?

2) Manziel didn’t take as many throws rolling to hisleft, and throwing against his body, as Bridgewater did (it seemed). Some of Bridgewater’s gaffes were him throwing across his body (sometimes poorly). Manziel steered away from the same mistake, to me. It was very wise.

I’ll throw in a third item that stood out: QB ‘guru’ George Whitfield is worth whatever Team Manziel is paying. I constantly see Whitfield taking media questions, and spinning for his client. Whitfield was out on the field with Manziel as part of the Pro Day workout. He bum rushed him with a broom at times. He made sure the ‘theater in the round’ was going according to the script. He had several people involved. He made sure there was positive energy. He made sure Manziel was in pads and a helmet (making him look bigger/hiding his size deficiency).

By contrast, Bridgewater’s Pro Day looked like it got thrown together at the last second by the ‘team mom’.

Note to future top QB prospects: Treat your Pro Day like you are competing on the finale’ of The Apprentice. Hire a band. Have a warm-up act comedian go and throw before you do. Invite celebrities. Have a DJ. Put on a nice food spread.  Have it all sponsored if you can. Make everyone act ‘amped’ to be there. I’m serious. I learned a huge life lesson watching these two vastly different Pro Days…and the subsequent reactions to them. Kudos to Mr. Whitfield.

The Manziel Pro Day TV Show was way cooler and more hip than the tedious Bridgewater Pro Day TV Show. In TV terms, the Bridgewater ‘pilot’ flopped, and the network is not ordering any more episodes. Sorry.

However, this isn’t a TV Show, it’s football scouting, but the mainstream treats it as network ‘show’…and because of it, Manziel is now the better NFL QB prospect for the masses. That’s not the way this is supposed to work, but it did…and it is…and it will in the future.

I’m not swayed.

I did my research of college QBs based on the statistical analysis by our computer, and re-watching them play in games the last two seasons. The Pro Day workout, from a throwing the ball perspective, means nothing for me scouting them ahead for the NFL.

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I have to give Manziel credit. He is building his brand, and making himself ‘must see’ TV. The ratings on his first NFL game are going to be delightful…kudos to him, ESPN, etc. They created a star for college game ratings, and the show is rolling into the NFL. Can you imagine (as Colin Cowherd said) an opening week game with Tom Brady vs. Johnny Manziel? You’re more excited about that show than Bridgewater vs. Brady.  There is a value in that ‘hype’, but it is fleeting if he does not deliver.

When ‘gods’ are created like Johnny Manziel, the toppling of them is even more painful and pronounced…and then everyone quietly moves on to the next ‘show’; just ask Tim Tebow.


Missing Measurables: The Eric Ebron Pro Day Three-Cone & Short-Shuttle

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From Eric Ebron’s 2014 Pro Day Workout:

Short Shuttle: 4.57

Three Cone: 7.49

Our Moneyball-styled Scouting Report on Eric Ebron is now underway, and will be posted soon. You’ll want to see this one. 

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NFL Draft 2014 Scouting Report: RB Lorenzo Taliaferro, Coastal Carolina

NFL Draft 2014: Statistical Analysis of RB Lorenzo Taliaferro, Coastal Carolina 

Running Back’s with the size like Lorenzo Taliaferro (6’0, 229-pounds) should be taken seriously as an NFL prospect. When you find out that he measured the most agile of the 225+ pound RBs at the 2014 NFL Combine, you should really have your interest piqued. Seeing that he rushed for 1,700+ yards and scored 29 TDs for Cosatal Carolina in 2013 doesn’t hurt his prospectus either. Taliaferro has a wonderful physical profile, and nice 2013 performance to go with it. However, you will rarely see him listed as a top-10 RB prospect for the 2014 NFL Draft. Why is Lorenzo Taliaferro being over-looked? Should he be ranked in the top-10 RB prospect discussion? Read our scouting report on my favorite RB who I saw at the 2014 Senior Bowl practices by clicking the following link:




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